The Prahran Hotel by Techne Architects

The Prahran Hotel is a substantial two storey corner pub with a striking streamlined art deco facade. Succeeding the recent interior refurbishment, the new works include a dramatic double height space with a central courtyard to the rear of the venue.

Ram Sale

This photo was taken on a semi-recent car trip, when we stopped for a break. This sign, alone in a barren, flat field, caught my attention. I’d say I took well over twenty photos trying to find out which layout worked the best.


It is a house. A small house. A small dark house perched on the edge of town
near the river. The river is constant…

The Watcher of the Seas

I expected this little seagull to fly away the moment I approached it, but, much to my surprise, it stayed right where it was. It’s interest in me meant that I had a slightly harder time getting the photo I was searching for, but in the end it went to look out over the ocean…


Ikan is a child in the ancient city of Sayil. He desperately wants to be an adult in the tribe, but when his coming of age arrives, will he choose acceptance or his oldest friend?