About Us

About Aubade Rising:


Aubade Rising is an online magazine dedicated to writing, photography, architecture, science and technology. We have no stringent posting schedule – especially when it comes to things like short stories – as we believe that quality is far better than quantity. We do, however, try to make sure that there’s always something new and interesting for you to look at on the website every time you visit. As our number of contributors grows, hopefully we’ll be able to publish even more quality content on a faster basis.

Aubade Rising was founded by Jed H in the early stages of 2014, but allows users to publish content such as short stories and photographs. If you’d like to submit a short story to us, check out this page. If you have a cool photograph you want to share with the world, then this page is for you.

About Jed H:


Jed H is in his final years of secondary education in Western Australia, Perth. He hopes to study architecture at university, but also has a passion for writing and photography. In his spare time, Jed is currently writing a novel that he’d like to publish called The Aeon Academy and is somewhat surprised to find himself working on the second draft. He also manages Aubade Rising, an online magazine dedicated to writing, photography, architecture, science and technology, which he created early on in 2014. Jed enjoys writing (as you might have worked out by now), reading, soccer (go Arsenal!), almost any new scientific or technological development, meaningful quotes and the opportunity to talk about himself in the third person.



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