Manhattan Micro Loft by Specht Harpman Architects

This tiny penthouse duplex apartment renovation held a number of challenges to make it a liveable space. With only 425 square feet divided among 3 levels, it was important to open up the space as much as possible. The upper level was extended via a built-in bed cantilevered over the floor edge, providing for the…

Prototype Google Self-Driving Car

Where In The World Have Driverless Cars Driven?

It may be another decade before most ordinary folks use self-driving cars to get around town. But some of us may have already seen them around town, at least: Over the past few years, car companies and other research groups have begun testing their autonomous car technology on public roads, in normal traffic.

Gretel and Hansel

Gretel and Hansel are two poor children living in the midst of a busy, dark and dangerous city. They live with their father and their stepmother, who has nothing but contempt for them. So when she takes them out for a family outing, the two children know that something’s amiss. A subversive take on the…

The Prahran Hotel by Techne Architects

The Prahran Hotel is a substantial two storey corner pub with a striking streamlined art deco facade. Succeeding the recent interior refurbishment, the new works include a dramatic double height space with a central courtyard to the rear of the venue.

Ram Sale

This photo was taken on a semi-recent car trip, when we stopped for a break. This sign, alone in a barren, flat field, caught my attention. I’d say I took well over twenty photos trying to find out which layout worked the best.